Immunopaedia Ambassador

I started as an ambassador of Immunopaedia, promoting immunology education. This is a non-profit educational organization which aims to promote cutting edge knowledge and research in basic and clinical immunology worldwide.  They create and host online courses in partnership with the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) and other bodies. These courses educate and support participants and students before and after Immunology conferences and courses world-wide.
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Completed the ‘Scientists Teaching Science’ Course

Just successfully completed the Harvard Medical School “Scientists Teaching Science” course.

This 9 week online course teaches about active learning, creating course objectives and test items, and improving your teaching, assessment, and communication techniques for students of all ages. It involves learning the best practices in science education, based on the latest research on teaching and learning used by model instructors around the world.

A great course that I would highly recommend to anybody interested in teaching or improving their teaching skills.

Link to the course: